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Courses and Client Services

Non-Fiction: Pitch to Publication 

Do you have a great idea for a book? Do you feel overwhelmed by the process? I can help - I have a publishing deal with Ebury Press at Penguin Random House, and can help you with every stage of the process. Pitch to Publication works to take your idea and transform it into a workable book proposal. 

£249 for 5 modules

Securing an Agent 

Do you have a manuscript you feel is nearly ready for an agent but are intimidated by all the options out there? Securing an Agent breaks down the process into workable steps giving you the best shot at success. I had offers of representation from two world leading agencies - I know how this process works and can help you crack it too. 

£195 for four modules

£150 as an add on to Pitch to Publication

Brand Services

Stories make the world go round, and good storytelling is at the heart of your brand's success. I can work with you to develop your brand message and craft it into something that lifts you above your competition. I've worked as a creative with some of the world's biggest brands, and can help you build your storytelling message - whether it's a whole brand message, crafting killer copy for web or print, or making your SEO sparkle. 

I offer four packages - 


  • 1 hour initial consultation

  • Brand visualisation and development

  • 5 pages of bespoke web content, crafted for your brand

  • Social media message planning

  • Two rounds of edits

  • 30 minute follow up consultation

  • Four week period for any tweaks - because sometimes stories grow


  • 1 hour initial consultation

  • 3 pages bespoke web content

  • social message planning

  • Brand development

  • Two rounds of edits

  • 30 minute final follow up


  • 1 hour consultation 

  • up to 1,500 words to use across your website

  • social media message planning

  • two rounds of edits

  • 30 minute follow up


Not sure where to start? Have an idea but aren't sure exactly how to execute it? Talk to me, and I'll see how I can help. 

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